About Me



I’ve always been a creative, from the age of 8, I use to rush home from school, open my wardrobe doors, make a den and sit inside and create!   In those days it was mainly out of felt – I had a whole chest full for my little felt creations. 

Running my own company and designing my own range of homewares has always been a dream.  So, after 20 years working in the publishing industry, I decided to turn my dream into a reality and in 2018 I launched Rebecca Södergren Design.   I have two small little creatives of my own now, who love to give their opinions on my designs and enjoy picking the products they like best, mainly to decorate their own rooms.

I do all of my designing in my Oxfordshire studio, scanning in sketches and altering them on the computer; my illustrations are then digitally printed onto fabric.   I hand make my lampshades there too.   My work is often called "retro" and seeing as I am naturally drawn to 1950s colour and illustration, I guess this would make sense.   I absolutely love colour and get extremely excited when I find a new colour combination!  It's a really satisfying feeling seeing my illustrations come to life. 
All my products are 100% made in the UK. I hope you love my designs as much as I have enjoyed creating them - Happy Shopping! : )